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What are Legends and Folktale?

As in many legends, it is hard to know what is real and not valid. There is no writing left from that time that tells what happened. The monk said he wrote the story nearly 150 years later, in the 13th century. This means there are no records or proof of what happened at that time. Some legends may have started as 'true' stories, but as people said and retold them, they may have changed some parts, so they are less 'true.' They may have changed them to make them more interesting. I know about them from older people telling them to younger people.

All stories have been passed down, retold, translated, and, more recently, written down because everyone loves a good story. As in many legends, the story may have changed over time to take on some special mythical features. Myths are essential to those of us who wish to study a particular time in history or a specific culture because they often tell us a great deal about the beliefs and lifestyles of the people. A legend is usually based on an actual event in the past.

I don't expect anyone to accept me as the authority on those topics written. The research written on any particular case is listed in the subject displayed below. This issue is for information purposes only and should be used as such. It is usual for the reader to refuse or accept what is written here, as each of us has our view and experience. The information here acts as a reference guide, and it cannot be accurate and guaranteed so that readers who wish to verify the validity of our data may check those sources for themselves. 

01b Story of Buddha.png

A Very Short Story About Siddhartha 


(The Buddha)

04 LP Ruesi.png

Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam suggests the correct way to wear "Buddha amulets" to have its full blessing

06b Banjapakee.png

What is BenjaPakee?

How to Arrange 

& Wear...

09b Chakri Dynasty.png


Kingdom of Thailand

12b Archan Toh.png

Biography of Archan Toh, The King of Thai Amulets Creator

15b Er Ger Fong.png

Biography of Er Ger Fong. The King of Gamblers

17b Phra Khun Paen.png

Biography of Khun Paen, Through Magic he becomes a Legend

20b Mae Nak.png

The Legend of 

Mae Nak Phra Khanong

24b Ghost Festival.png

The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

26 The Impotent Black Magic.png

The Impotent Black Magic

30 The Five Poisons Black Magic.png

The Five Poisons Black Magic

33 The Various Ways to Prevent Black Mag

The Various

Ways to Prevent Black Magic

02b Praying to Buddha.png

Praying Homage

To Buddha &

it Explanations

04b The Advantages of Chanting Buddhagun

The Advantages of Chanting



Phra Dhebsinghabu-


07b FAQ.png

FAQ - Questions

& Topic which are

most often Asked

10b Nine Famous Monks.png

The First Nine Famous Monks In Thailand

13b LP Tae.png

Biography of Luang Phor Tae, The Guru Master of Kuman Thong (The Golden Boy)

21b Donation Coffin.png

Donation Coffin

for a Good Cause

18b Bio KMT.png

Biography of 

Kuman Thong, 

with Instruction 

and Offering

22b What is Destiny.png

What are Destiny and Fortune?

25 Siam Black Magic.png

What Is Siamese, 

Thai Black Magic?

27 The Lukot Black Magic.png

The Lukot

Black Magic

31 Tiger Black Magic.png

Luang Phor Pern sacred amulet

that break the Tiger Black


1. The Thai Spirit House.png


Thai Spirit House

03 Alter Offering.png

Decorating Prayer Altar and Making Incense Offerings

05b About Thai Amulets.png

About Thai Amulets & 


08b Amulet Prediction.png

Find Out the Predicted Amulets that Matches you, by Thailand 



11b LP Tuad.png

Biography of the High Priest, 

Luang Phor Tuad

14b LP Koon.png

Biography of

Luang Phor Koon,

The Holy Monk

16b Bio Nang Kwak.png

Biography of

Nang Kwak,

Well revered

Deity of Sales

in Thailand

19b KMT VS Ghost Child.png


Between Kuman Thong and the Ghost Child

23b Karma.png

Do you Believe in Karma?

29 The Legend Of Black Magic And Develop

The Legend of Black Magic & 


28 The Raging Fire Black Magic.png

The Raging Fire

Black Magic

32 Object for Prevention and Dispelling

The object for Prevention and Dispelling of

Black Magic

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