The Various Ways to Prevent Black Magic


Does black magic really exist? This question is repeated raised in the 21st century when scientific development is so advance. To date, there is no conclusion drawn to the subject. Many views that black magic is one that can be cast thousands of miles away or can be applied without the knowledge of others and is difficult to prevent. Its damaging effect is so magnificent and mysterious, causing everyone to fear that one day they will fall victim to the black magic.

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Arising out of which, preventive measures are always taken as far as possible. Firstly, equip with the knowledge in citing some mantras, irrespective of the religion that the mantras are derived from. Recite them consistently so that over some time, such recitation will be able to strike a communication with the divinity and dispel the danger in time of trouble.


Secondly, a more direct approach is to wear the Buddhist sacred amulet irrespective of which shrine or religious centres they are derived from.  They carry with them a certain degree of dispelling power. Many Thai Buddhist devotees believe that the Buddhist sacred amulet can, aside from enhancing their fortune, give the benefit of dispelling the evil forces as well.


All along, it is customary for the Thai peoples to wear sacred amulets from small, especially so the Buddhist sacred amulets, holy strings, tarkut, etc.  It is said that one of the best objects for dispelling the black magic is produced in the mountain areas of Chiang Rai province. It used a toxin from an insect known as the Gold Silkworm from a specifics tree and mixed with the juice from the branches of the tree which developed into a liquid known as "Kang" pronounced in Thai, which is a beneficial ingredient in dispelling black magic but is difficult to come by.

Many high guru monks will send their disciples to the forest in search for the Kang and then melt the collected Kang in a big melting pot. Another useful product is taken from the cow that has been stricken to death by thunder. After the skin has been removed and dried up, some prayer ritual will be performed on a selected date before the skin is cut into small rectangular pieces.


The high guru monk will chant mantras onto an incantation tube and melt the tree liquid with candle fire to mix with a square part of cow skin into the shape of olive while mantras are being chanted. The final object is known as the "Takrut Serthon" which means an "incantation tube that bounces back". After wearing, any invisible evil spirit and black magic that get close will be bounced back. When a person who tries to cast a black spell will be the encounter, the "Takrut Serthon" will break the spell.

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The Effect of Prayer Chanting


Buddhist devotees believe that if mantras are chant in the Pali language, they effect protecting them from being interfered the evil spirits, disasters, sickness and misfortune. They also believe inconsistency in the chanting.


Chanting day and night will affect the determination power to get intense. The power will extend to the Three Jewels in Buddhist which in turn will give to three tremendous and forceful power of Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha which can strike the communication with the Dharma protector that in turn protect the student devotees who consistently chant the mantras. Many of the sickness and spiritual obstruction of the devotees can be removed entirely through the unimaginable powers in the chanting of the sutra and mantras. As a result, they develop better confidence and believe in the Buddhist faith. Buddhist devotees respect the Three Jewels, and the Three Jewels bring forth to humankind and immeasurable blessing.


Reciting the mantra and the sutra is very useful in bliss seeking. Under certain stances, when the karma of a person is very heavy, just chanting is insufficient, it has to contribute to the performance of charitable deeds and services. Such charitable acts can be in the provide to the temple, school, old folks home, orphans house, any donation halls to counter the extension of the karma. Chanting mantras can only give rise to a temporary effect of avoiding the evil repercussion of the karma and cannot completely remove the karma law of cause and effect.

And under such circumstances, all that needed to do is to melt it by fire and shape it back. After which it can be used again. The effect of the "Takrut Serthon" is never-ending, peace and protection will be assured once it is worn.

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Devotees can learn from the teachings and enlightenment of Buddha and possess an enlightened mind in them. When the devotees think and worship them, the adorable attitude will naturally come out from them. When the devotees chant the mantras and listen in the Dharma, he left behind. His blessings can be naturally attained.