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FAQ About Thai Amulets


An amulet is an object usually worn and considered to have the powers in protection; it is the same as a talisman or takrut. In Thailand objects are either made from a white, yellow or red cloth, paper, gold, copper, or zinc parchment foiled with specific protective magic words or number combinations characters written on it, and rolled up and inserted in a small metal or acrylic plastic tube containers. These sacred objects would have to be treated with respect for the continue bestowing its blessings upon the wearer and protecting the wearer from evil spirit, harm and danger in life. Many wearers have great faith in the protective ability of such objects which they wear it close to their heart. Thailand is probably the first choice for all source of amulets and talismans for blessing and protection. It has been many generations in history that the charms made by famous Thai guru monks who had chanted and gave the power of help and protection. If you are a believer then you might have encountered some of these experiences in your lifetime. 

FAQ About Thai Amulets

Amulet from Thailand been created many centuries ago and considered by cultures around the world to protect some form of evil spirit and as a good luck charm for believers, and in stock at present day. In the old days, Buddha amulets in Thailand were purely hand-made at the current time, and have been renowned worldwide for its powers in protection. Today, due to the high demand, most of the amulet is made by mould pressed into a figurine image of the Buddha, great monks or famous saints and then chanted and blessed with a spell by guru monks in the temple at a certain period of times. It has been said that people are wearing these amulets as pendants to protect themselves from harms, obstacles and disaster as well as better health. Many times we can hear people who wear them had experiences of overcoming obstacles in business or career as well as avoiding severe accidents or injuries. It has the power of repelling bad luck and evil spirits that may be surrounding the house or workplace. It is known that Thai amulets are being rented (sold) for centuries and handed down in generations to people who believe in its power. 

Many people who started to wear an amulet will usually ask. Which types of amulets are right for me? What are the dos and don’ts when wearing an amulet? On the following, we provided some information and explanations to correct some of the most common mistakes and misunderstandings about carrying Buddhist amulets.


Questions & Topic which are most often asked: 

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