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Amulet City is an online store specialized in collecting and rent (sell) mostly on new releases Thai amulets, on this website I provided some of the most wonderful amulets displayed for you to choose from, and I wish you can find the suitable amulet’s that applies to your interest. I source and collect various amulets directly from the temples, and also from very reliable amulet dealers around Thailand. Genuine amulets help increase your spiritual and work with your energy field. Today many people are searching for faith, something to believe in.

All of my amulets are guarantee 100% genuine. All amulet’s you ordered will be delivered with the same one as the website picture shows. The item comes with the one according to the code number (if any) that you selected. At Amulet City, I bring you the best holy collection with every piece of amulets charted by monks before it is released from the temples. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that my website gives accurate information on my services, I suggest that you check back from time to time with my offers, as I will update my website regularly. I take responsibility for all the amulets I sell and where I source it.

Order Ship Worldwide. All orders are custom packed for you, with every effort to send it the most economical way. Please add your item to the cart and proceed with checkout. Prices will become available before you finalize your order.


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Group of devotees lining up to get their favorite amulet at the temple
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