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The Lukot Black Magic

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When she was in acute depression, she got to know of a sorcerer. After learning her problems, the sorcerer suggested that she rear Lukot for a change of her fortune. Like most people, Nanla was hesitant initially as she was afraid and doubtful of its effect. After the sorcerer had explained everything to her, she decided to have one adopted at home and made it her third son. “The Lukot must be placed in the first position at home, and so my two born child have to address him as the elder brother. Strangely, the two sons were not afraid. They have to pay full respect for their new elder brother”. The Lukot must be treated like a family member; an extra plate of rice must be placed on the table when having a meal at home, and if toys were bought for the other two sons, they must have a share too.

After adopting Lukot, Nanla's fortune changed for the better. Everything was happening so fast; the creditors were no longer suppressive and allowed me flexible terms on payment; everything was ideal at the workplace. However, the immediate superior is not causing trouble anymore, and I feel more relaxed, so the pressure at work is not so intensely felt. It is excellent! With a more steady lifestyle and a more peaceful mind, the financial situation has not improved much. So Nanla sought the sorcerer's help again and wished to adopt another, more powerful Lukot. Rearing the Lukot I took about a year back. I need to offer drops of my blood every day for the first 49 days of rearing. I will have to poke with a needle onto the middle finger of my left hand and push the blood gently to drop them at the center between the eyebrows of the Lukot head.

After that, I have to light up nine sticks of incense and do the chanting given by the sorcerer. After 49 days, I still need to feed them with my blood but only do it on the 1st and 15th days of every month". Nanla confirmed that she adopted more than one Lukot merely out of greed. Hoping that she would make more money and be able to switch to a better position. She was always hoping that she would get a transfer to another department at the hotel to have better chances for promotion and an increase in salary since her immediate boss was ever having a grudge against her and blocked many of her opportunities. "So after adopting the Lukot, I said: Son, Mama Wish to be transferred to another department. Can you help me? Not long after, the company allowed me to be transferred to another department".  

In a time of recession, many peoples think of rearing Lukot to change their fortune. A woman named Nanla, a divorcee working in the hotel industry, was brave enough to use drops of her blood to rear the Lukot to attain her objective of getting rich. Nanla started raising the Lukot many years ago, and she now has four children at home; two are by her birth, another two are the Lukot. “Many years ago all sorts of ill fates arrived at the same time to these women. Firstly it was the divorce, and she has to look after her two sons and to bear the financial burden that was not an easy task, his divorced husband disappeared after owing peoples a huge sum of monies. The creditors then came after her. Not only it substantially affected her family, but it also affected her career. Her boss started to give her trouble, and she almost lost her job with all those pressures landing on her”. Nanla said she was already at a dead end and attempted many ways to resolve her problems but failed.

Nanla said that as though some benefactor was helping her. She was promoted to a new position, and with her salary increased, she could clear the debts faster. Following an unexplainable incident happened. “My doctor earlier diagnosed that I have a stone in my kidney and that was confirmed through an X-ray taken. After adopting Lukot, the doctor told me that the stone has disappeared for no reason at all”. As such, Nanla took for granted that it was the help of the Lukot. She stated that all five members of the family are getting along harmoniously. She said she always dreamt that the two Lukot was holding her hand and said: “Mama, we will take you out to play!” She continued: “I always dreamed they took me out to stroll the streets and to roam the garden, and we were all pleased.”

She further described the appearance of the two Lukot: “They are both adorable, their mouths do not move when they speak, but I fully understand what they said and knew they were my sons.” The Lukot has bought good fortune to Nanla, and since she has agreed to adopt them, she has to keep them for life, and the Lukot will always take orders from her. If she should someday possess bad intentions and direct the Lukot to cause harm to others, she will get retribution in the end. If one-day Nanla gets uncontrollably greedy and orders the Lukot to bring her more benefits, her nightmare will start from the moment the evil thought in her is conceived. There is no differentiation between the good and the bad of the Lukot. The crucial point is the state of mind of its master.

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