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The Raging Fire Black Magic


Nannong was married to Naibonsong, a wealthy family, it was a grand occasion, and they invited almost 1000 guests. Most of the people who attended the function were family business associates. After Naibonsong and Nannong returned from their honeymoon. Nannong's husband, Naibonsong, was busy working in the office, and Nannong was busy managing the household. After marrying Naibonsong, the family politic was created by Naibomnsong family members and caused Nannong trouble.

However, Nannong did not complain and administered her home well. As she always attended to household chores at home before getting married, all the work at the new house became very easy for her.

Nannong never complains about the workload, busy every day from sunrise to sunset. When her parents-in-law saw her work so diligently, they liked her so much and praised her. Nannong seeing that she had gained the favor of the elderly and was very happy. However, her happiness was short-lived, as her suffering was ahead. As Nannong was, in turn, the good books of her parent-in-law, it created jealousy in her sister-in-law, Nanmi. She was upset that her parents favored Nannong and disregarded her and her other brothers and sisters. She was determined to find a way to strain her parents' relationship with Nannong. After several planning, Nanmi finally conjured a poisonous plan to cause harm to Nannong.


She decided to engage the service of a sorcerer to cast a black magic spell on Nannong. After Nannong has been cast with the black magic, each day when she was by the oven preparing meals, she felt that her body was in acute pain as though it was burning once she turned on the stove. However, after she turned off the oven after preparing the food, the burning pain went off. 

In the beginning, Nannong thought it was due to her insufficient sleep. However, after a while, the situation became worse, the feeling of the heat became more intense, and so she mentioned the case to her husband. Her husband thought that she was probably pregnant. Her husband decided to take her to the hospital for a full body check-up. The doctor advised that her body constitution was weak, put her on medication, and told her to rest. But the condition of the Nannong incident has not been cured.

Not long after, Nannong found that she could not even enter the kitchen, the moment she stepped into the kitchen, she felt uneasy, and as she got close to the oven, her whole body was heated up intensely. One month later, Nannong's sister Namji went to visit her. When she saw that Nannong had substantially lost weight, was pale-looking, and lacked vitality, she quickly asked what had happened to her. Nannong related everything to her sister. On hearing that, Namji knew there must be a cause for Nannong's body to get heated up for no reason. She sought permission from Nannong's mother-in-law to take Nannong out of the house to a doctor.

Nanji did not drive her sister to see any doctor but headed straight to see a guru monk familiar to her. Nanji requested the guru monk take a look at her sister to find out whether she had offended any of the supernatural. After the guru monk had checked, he mentioned that Nannong had been cast by black magic, known as the “Raging Fire Black Magic.” The black magic is done by writing down the natal data of the victim on a copper sheet and chanting sacred mantras before it is placed beneath the oven in the kitchen.


When the oven is turned on, the heat from the stove will be directed to the natal data and cause the heat over the victim. If the person being cast with this black magic and her natal data still kept beneath the oven is not removed, the victim's sickness will intensify by the day, and the person will keep losing weight. If the black magic is not solved in time, it will end up dead. Just because her sister-in-law Nanmi was jealous of Nannong being favored, she resorted to such a poisonous approach to cause the death of Nannong.


Unfortunately, Nannong discovered it early. After a series of rituals to decipher the black magic. The guru monk presented an incantation and a Phra Upakut, known as “Phra Bua Khem,” Water God sacred amulet. He requested Nannong to wear them and asked Nannong to remove her natal data that was kept beneath the oven and throw it into the sea to ensure peace and safety. As “Water” can subdue “Fire,” the “Water” is what the “Raging Fire Black Magic” dreaded most. To throw the natal data into the sea accompanied by the wearing of the sacred plaque of the Water God, and the black magic will vanish. Otherwise, she will lose her life.


Upon returning home, Nannong did exactly as she was told, and she found her natal data written on a piece of red paper kept underneath the oven. She quickly removed it, drove to the seaside, and threw it into the sea. By doing so, all her ill fortunes were removed, and she felt at ease. That evening when Nannong was cooking in the oven, her body no longer felt the burning heat. The kind-hearted Nannong was thinking: "Since the black magic has been removed, she is not going to pursue in finding out who cast the black magic on her.”

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