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The Biography of Kuman Thong (The Golden Child)

In Thailand, the Golden Child (Kuman Thong) is often seen figurine of a young boy. The most popular one is a figurine of the prince holding a purse in one hand while making a beckoning gesture with the other or both. The figure is said to bring good luck and fortune to both home and business affairs to the owner and can help the owner from danger and bad things. People who would like to get Kuman Thong to worship, to have him guard their house, their property, or help their business must worship the Kuman Thong and about what they wish to get from him. It would be best to buy him ornaments like necklaces, jewelry, and toys whenever you get what you want. They will be pleased with this offering.


Kuman Thong originates from the first story relating from the 19th century to the classic of Thai literature written in verse by King Rama 2, the second monarch. The report describes an eternal love triangle involving Khun Paen, the dashing lover and skilled warrior legendary figure in the western year 1491-1529 (Ayutthaya period), Khun Paen, based on a true story. Kuman Thong is the son of Khun Paen. Kuman Thong is an image of a lovely young child, but it's a child's spirit in the form of a beautiful status or amulets, representing a spiritual entity. It was first created 500 years ago during the Khun Paen period.

Khun Paen was the first who create Kuman Thong. He brought the baby from the womb of one of his dead wives to the outer temple area within the Buddha status chanting hall. The temple and its outer space are sacred places that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter. Based on the legend descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some holy mantras to invoke the spirit of Kuman Thong while roasting the dead baby on the fire.

Bear in mind that Kuman Thong is a dead infant. But it is now created in the form of a young child with various materials, such as wood, bronze, ivory tusk, and plaster. In ancient times, the primary purpose of creating Kuman Thong was to protect the owner. The young child spirit could be activated with the Mantra to fight the owner's enemies or to protect the owner's properties. But the present-era Kuman Thongs have been created for wealth and fortune. For worshiping Kuman Thong, you should be offering food, milk, candy, and toys because Kuman Thong is a young child; he likes sweet and playing toys as well as a human child.

In creating present-era Kuman Thongs, the guru monks use no more such thrilling methods but create them with sacred materials and activate their lives with holy Mantras. Almost all the present-era Kuman Thongs have been created for wealth and fortune-fetching purposes. Some guru monks who created sacred Kuman Thongs are Luang Poo Boon of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Luang Phor Cham of Wat Takong and Luang Phor Tae (LP Tae), later Luang Phor Yeam (LP Yeam) of Wat Sam Ngam, and others. But the most well-known and most popular pieces are of late LP Tae and LP Yeam. 

Kuman Thong one hand holding money
The following is some image of the Golden Child (Kuman Thong)
in the form of statues and amulets.
CL8-814 Kuman Thong - LP Waen G.png
CL8-815 Kuman Thong_Kb_Subin_F.png
CL8-818 Kuman Thong_AC_Thep_F.png
CL8-824 Kuman Thong_LP_Yeam_F.png

Worship Katha of Kuman Thong

(Short version)
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa x 3

Kumaro MaMa (Come, my child)

Ehi Cittang MaMa (Come to my mind)
Piyang MaMa x 7 (Let majestic things come to me)

(Long version)
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa x 3

Ciceruni Cittang Cesikang
Rupang Nimittang Kumalowa Akachaya
Akachaya Ehi Ehi
Na Ma Pa Ta Ehi MaMa Tanapoka Samma Arahang
Tanapokang Tusamani Tanakamo
Sapaytanang Tanapokang Bhawantumay

Practical Instruction on Offering Made to Kuman Thong

by Wat Sam Ngam

CL8-820 Kuman Thong_AC_Thep_F.png
CL8-828 Kuman Thong_LP_Dum_F.png
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