The Biography of Nang Kwak - Nang Supawadee

The Biography of Nang Kwak - Nang Supawadee

The Well revered Deity of Sales who is so adored in Thailand.

The Thai Legend of Nang Kwak is the helper of all shop owners and merchants. Revered, as the patron Saint of Business owners, always seen beckoning customers with her right hand raised. She is one of the best-known legends in Thailand.

Mae Nang Kwak is represented as a beautiful woman wearing a red dress (not always, but more often than other colours) fashioned in the Thai. She also wears a golden crown on her head. Nang Kwak sits in a kneeling position with her right hand raised in the way of beckoning to the customer, with the palm pointing downwards. Her left hand was holding a bag of gold or resting on her lap. 

The legend of Nang Kwak originates from India where she was known as Nang Supawadee, the daughter of a small merchant during the time of the dawn of Buddhism about 2500 years ago. At that time, Supawadee parents were small merchants who earn just enough to support their small family. One day, as Supawadee was helping her parents selling in a neighbouring town, she was fortunate to be able to hear a sermon delivery by Phra Gasabatera (an Arahant). Upon hearing the Buddhism teachings, she was so convinced that she took refuge in the Triple Gem immediately and became a devout follower of Buddhism.

When Phra Gasabatera saw her faith and devotion, he summoned his wills and concentration of an Arahant and bestowed blessings of great fortune and luck in salesmanship on Supawadee and her family. In additional, Phra Gasabatera gives a particular boon on Supawadee for she will be blessed extraordinary if she attentively all teachings of the Dhamma every time. Fortunately, on their business trip to another town they went, Supawadee was lucky to have the opportunity to listen to the preaching of Phra Sivalitera which was happened to be around the teaching of Dharma taught by Lord Buddha Sakyamuni.


Supawadee received good teachings from this master and thus became well-versed and knowledgeable in Dharma. Phra Sivali bestowed blessings of Metta (loving-kindness) upon her for her diligent efforts in the study and practised of Dharma. Remember the boon that is granted to her earlier by Phra Gasabatera. Now with Phra Sivali teaching, Supawadee luck and Metta increases more rapidly. when she sets her heart in the practice of Dharma. As a result, Phra Sivali is endowed with extreme psychic powers. When he concentrated all his mental strength and efforts to bestow the Metta blessing upon Supawadee, the result was an especially strong effect of the blessing.


Due to the excellent blessing from these two saints, whenever Supawadee accompanied her parent on their business trips, sales were fantastic; they will sell all their goods in no time. No matter when, if Supawadee did not follow them to the market’s place, the sales were pretty meagre. So her parents decided that their transactions will be best if they had bought their daughter Supawadee with them on their sales trips because they believed that the sales increased have to do with the blessings and merits granted to her. 

Supawalee had brought great fortune upon the family, that in a short time they became extremely wealthy merchants. Supawalee father was very well-liked because he was known to be a kind and generous person. He would always offer and asks people’s whom he met along his way if they are going to the same way and wished to hitch a ride-along. Many peoples who got to ride with him noticed the extreme power of Metta Maha Niyom of his daughter Nang Supawadee, whose blessings had caused her parents to become successful and wealthy merchants. 

From then, people began to reverence her as a cause of good fortune in selling and businesses. After many years, Supawalee parents became old and passed away, leaving their blessed daughter Supawalee behind, Supawadee continued the sales, earning the love and devotion of people all around. Eventually, Supawalee grows old and passed away to the end of her life, but she remains in the human world with her heart to help peoples.

When Supawadee passed away, people believed that if they prayed to Supawadee, their businesses were more successful than before. Statue of Supawadee image and Phayant (cloth talisman) were made after her death and offerings caused to her, which believed to be a saint. However, her legend lives on in the heart of many people who adored her as the patron saint and guardian angel of all merchants. Many continue to pray to her and making offerings to her image in hoping to increase merit and receive high sales in business dealings.

The legend of Supawadee spread to Thailand at the time Buddhism and the Hindu Brahmin faith were spreading into Siam as Thailand was then called. The Brahmins brought with them statues of Supawadee in the form of a young girl sitting on a cart. Thai people noticed that the Bhramins appeared to be more successful in business and quickly adopted Supawadee for the prayer of worship offered. Changing the name to Nang Kwak, and also changing the form of the statues into a lady sitting with her right hand raised and beckoning to customers, and with her left hand holding a bag of gold or resting on her lap. 

Today nearly every shops and houses in Thailand believes that good business will come to those who worship her. Anyone who wishes to have good luck in their sales would seek out an image or statue of Supawalee and make offerings to her, inviting her spirit to come and reside in the figure to bring them luck in their sales. The name Nang Kwak in Thai “Nang” means lady, and “Kwak” says wave and beckoning. Nang Kwak is a spirit supposed to bring money to you. If you would like to improve your finances and increase sales, then Nang Kwak will always be there to offer assistance. Pay due reverence to the Goddess of Wealth and repeat the Katha. Your generosity and good deeds in making merit will be rewarded.