How to make offerings to Nang Kwak for Good Business and Fortune 


The statue of Nang Kwak is usually placed on a shelf in a place of business to bring customers and make sales. Nang Kwak is a very commonly represented on the miraculous cloth painting known as Pha Yant. She is universally used in most business establishments in Thailand. You can also see Nang Kwak worshipped as a statue.  

One should light five incense stick, offer syrup drink or Fanta red soft bottle drink, a glass of plain water, some sweets and fruit or rice every day, and offering flowers once a week. Please remember to change the waters and food offerings every morning when you open your shop for business. When you show your pampering devotion and love, she will return the favour by bestowing upon good sales and fortune to you. 


After lighting the incense sticks, recite this verse 3 times “Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa” and bow three times to pay respect and homage to the Supreme Enlightened One first, before you begin chanting the Katha of Nang Kwak. 

Katha of Nang Kwak is used when paying devotional merits to Nang Kwak, who resides in the place of business to increase the number of customers and sales.

How to make offerings to Nang Kwak for Good Business and Fortune 


Click the Youtube link below for the Katha to worship Nang Kwak.

If you do this daily, you will begin to notice a great increase in your customers and sales. Remember though the real catalyst to Buddha blessings should be assisted by your regular offering of alms to the monastic community and by making acts of good deeds and generosity to others. This is what Thai call (Baramee) making merit. One should do more good deeds and get more good karma.

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