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The Five Poisons Black Magic

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Most people are dreadful with black magic. Sorcerers who are well skilled with black magic can generally and arranged into the Moral and the Evil personality categories. The main functions of the Moral type are to help and remove black magic to save a life, and the Evil nature is to harm others. The evil sorcerer emphasizes money before anything else. They can make good money out of casting the black magic; they can apply the most severe methods without any other consideration. As it is difficult to trace the death caused by the sorcerer and without any scientific basis, they can easily escape from the force of law. They are at full liberty to apply their practise and cause death without much difficulty.

The black magic is the basis to cause harm to others; therefore, the selection of the ingredients is the most frightening materials such as the use of the five most poisonous creatures. The five toxic animals include the snake, centipede, scorpion, spider and the toad. These five types of creatures contain natural poisonous belongings that are most frequently needed to cast the Black Magic. The sorcerers will first use their secret methods to extract the poisons from these creatures, and put them inside a jar and continue to add the jar with a centipede, snake, and scorpion daily, and allow the poisonous creatures to fight with each other until dead inside the toxic liquid jar.

This is the ways to cast the Five Poisons Black Magic to harm the victim. After the death of the creatures, the grinding of the dead creatures are performed to ingredients form, complemented with other essential parts and with the chanting of mantras, they can then be really to mixed with foods and drinks. The time taken for the poison to take effect on the victim is uncertain; it all depends on the types of particular mantras to be chanted by the sorcerer.

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Five Poisons.png

Some may take effect immediately, but some may take as long as two to three months of control by the black magic sorcerer. Irrespective of the time taken for the fact to take place, once its effect takes place, the victim will be under severe agony and suffers a horrifying death. Many creeping creatures will emerge from the victim’s dead body until his stomach burst with the intestines flowing out all over.


The sorcerer will name the black magic as the Scorpion, Snake, Centipede, Spider or Toad Black Magic and so on according to the preparatory prescriptions used. As to which of them is most powerful, there is no set standard and will be dependent on the skills of the individual sorcerer. 

The Difference Between Spell and Black Magic

The main effect of a specific type of poisonous insect on the victim is to cause him to be in a confused mentality and the insect is reared in abundance by women of the Miao tribes in southern China's mountains, in the province of Guizhou often referred to as the Miao homeland with surrounding areas (Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, and Hainan) in China. It is said at noontime during the Dragon Boat Festival day, five of such poisonous inserts are placed together and allowed to bite each other to death, and the surviving will be used as the ingredient for the spell. The blood of the person who rears it will be used to feed the insect's so that it will take orders from the person. The spells are classified as the "Snake Spell", "Scorpion Spell" and so on.

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The black magic is a form of witchcraft, which is somewhat identical to the "Mao Shan Black Magic" in China. It is now very popular in Southern Asian countries. It was said to have existed as far back as 790 years ago, during the Zhou dynasty in China. Through its long development history, the varieties of black magic are many, and a more popular one is the one that is capable of controlling a love affair known as the "Love Spell".

Therefore the spell is mainly practised in the region of Yunnan in China using poisonous insects as the main ingredients. Whereas black magic is more practised in the Southern Asia region and is cast by sorcerers mainly using the chanting of mantras and incantations. For this reason, it is rather easy to distinguish the two.


The spell is practised with the use of insects and plants as the ingredients which affect retarding a person's mind and vitality so that he can be under control. On the other hand, black magic is cast mainly by the chanting of mantras and the use of incantations. The ingredients of the spell may sometimes be used on black magic as well to intensify its effect. Therefore, some who have been cast with black magic would find traces of insects and plants properties in their body.


Black magic has already merged the spell and the use of mantras and incantations. Recently, black magic has also combined with the methods of the rearing of the Little Ghost, which makes its scope even more extensive. 

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