Scare Amulet that breaks the Tiger Black Magic

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As everybody knows, the tiger is by nature, a heroic and formidable animal. How would the effect be when using the tiger’s fur, skin and bones to prepare the Tiger Black Magic? The following story will illustrate the fact.

In a particular department store at Pattaya in Thailand, there was a high ranking officer by the name Songsai who has a family background of a sorcerer and were all highly skilled. As Songsai was not interested in becoming a sorcerer, he did not learn the skill from his father. Though Songsai did not learn the skill, he was fully aware of the power of black magic and its effect. He, therefore, requested his father to recite the mantras and cast the Tiger Black Magic on him for peace and protection. The tiger is a ferocious animal. Only if the sorcerer can obtain any part of the tiger and used it to cast a spell by chanting mantras, it will turn into a powerful Tiger Black Magic. When the Tiger Black Magic is cast on a person, the person will possess a prestigious deposition and others will be afraid when they encounter him.

The main reason for Songsai to cast a spell on himself is he wanted all the subordinates to be fear and obedience to him. With the help of the Tiger Black Magic. Songsai began to abuse his power over his subordinates, and whenever his subordinates made some mistakes, he will have them scolded excessively. Nobody liked him at the workplace but does not dare to counter him. Whenever his subordinates saw him, it was as though they see a tiger and dare not even utter a word. Seeing the powerful effect of the Tiger Black Magic, he was pleased and feeling that he will soon be able to control the whole of his department.

There was an employee by the name of Naiwen at the departmental store, each time he saw Songsai, he would be so scared that his whole body would tremble and could not utter a word. Whenever he thought of Songsai, he would be so uncomfortable that he would lose his appetite to eat. He was unable to sleep well at night and was awakened by the ferocious appearance of Songsai in the middle of the night. He was under such mental torture that he was not able to focus his attention on his work. When his wife saw that the husband was in such a state, she asked what was happening. After the wife had known about it, she thought that a subordinate could not be so afraid of the boss to such an extent. After a discussion with her husband, she decided to go to a shrine to look for a spiritual master to find out what was happening.

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The sorcerer sent his spiritual messenger to the departmental store to find out the situation and make the report back. When the spiritual master heard that the Naiwei superior Songsai was protected by the Tiger Black Magic, no wondering it caused Naiwei to be under such an unlucky condition and a horrible situation. Suddenly Naiwei told the spiritual master a shocking happening. “Because of the fear of my superior, my sex life is greatly affected, and I can’t be myself when I am performing my sex activity, my wife is always complaining and thinking that I am flirting around outside”. No one would have known that his fear has affected his sex life if he did not mention. The spiritual master pacified Naiwei and said that it was only a temporary effect that due to his fear. The spiritual master gave Naiwei a sacred amulet by one of the ten guru monks in Thailand by the name of Luang Phor Pern and requested Naiwei to wear it consistently and ensured that his problems and obstacles would be removed soon.

It is said that when Luang Phor Pern was cultivating his divinity in the high mountain, even the tigers would not get near him or interfere with him. They were indeed protecting him from afar and hence Luang Phor Pern was later also known as the “Tiger Mounting Arahant”. Using his sacred amulet to counter the Tiger Black Magic is deemed to be most appropriate. After Naiwei received the protection of Luang Phor Pern amulets and with the help of the spiritual master, when Naiwei met his superior again, he was no longer scared. A year later, Naiwei was blessed with a son. With the effect of Luang Phor Pern amulet in countering the Tiger Black Magic. Naiwei brings his colleagues to the shrine of the guru master to look for the sacred amulets, By doing so, their fear of the superior was eliminated, and no longer feels being suppressed.