What Is Siamese, Thai Black Magic?

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A long time ago, black magic was something that is known to everyone in the Southeast Asian region. It only required the black magician to cast the spell by chanting specified mantras to that person. Be it physical contact with another or recite mantras over a person's photograph or their belonging, the magician so cast with the black spells will be submissive to that person without being aware of it. Some are in total control to the extent that they lose their consciousness and not knowing where they are. Most people are dreadful about black magic as they will cause physical and psychological damage to the person or even death.


Black magic or other forms of witchcrafts are in existence in countries all over the world, the performance of which is a culture with the local beliefs and customs, and hence many sects or branches of witchcrafts are developed. The primary application of the black magic can broadly be categorized into five: The Mind Power Method, the Mantra Chanting Method, the Medicine Application Method, the Sound Method, and the Object Application Method.

Firstly, let us look at the black magic cast by mind power through the spiritual means; the sorcerer will use his determination and mind power to recite the mantras and cast it on the victim in the middle of the night to control his spirit. It will cause the victim to lose his consciousness and get into an illusionary frame of mind and followed by acting strangely and perform the most unusual.


The other similar method is the use of a little ghost or spirit to interfere with the victim. A highly skilled sorcerer can even make the little ghost or spirit enter the body of the victim and cause the victim to listen to the directions of the sorcerer. At crucial points, the sorcerer can even cause the victim to jump to his death or other forms of suicidal acts or destructions. Such types of black magic include the Soul Hooking Method, Soul Locking Method and so on.

Powerful Casting Of The Spiritual Black Magic

The sorcerers who use their mind power to cast the black magic must possess solid determination. They must be able to apply their commitment at any time to carry out their magic casting without the knowledge of the person so that he will get into a trance and lose his sense of consciousness to perform the unusual acts. This type of black magic must be complement with the use of many incantations in the process. Though the process is tedious, its effect can show up very fast, and a person's mind will be controlled within a short period.


Other than a strong determination, the sorcerer's skill is equally important when practising this type of black magic. Though the black spiritual magic is efficient, the risk that the sorcerer faces is very high, once their black magic is dispelled, he will experience a counter-attack from the opposition witchcraft, and the consequences can be fatal. Sorcerer performing such black magic will not undertake the task without due consideration to its results, once he cast the black magic spell, he must ensure that the victim cannot strike back.

The word for black magic in Thailand has known it as Sai Ya Sat.

Literally, Sai means Sutra, Mantra and Mind Power chanting.

Ya means Medicine or Object, which is the medium for casting the black magic.

Sat means the Art or Skill and also refers to such a skill that has no evident trace

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Black Magic kills without leaving any traces. Victims often die without others knowing the cause.

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The Little Ghost Black Magic At The Disposal Of Its Master

The little ghost black magic is a type of black magic popular in the northern part of Thailand. The sorcerer who practices this type of black magic will first find out if there are any deaths of a boy child or girl child and will try to obtain the natal data. After the dead body has been buried, the sorcerer will go to the grave in the middle of the night to offer incense and prayers and perform rites to hook the soul. After that, he will implant a creeper plant followed by the burning of incantations and chanting of mantras.


After which, he will chop away a little portion of the branch of the creeper and carve it into a little doll of about one and a half inches in length. The features will be applied with ink and cinnabar. When that is done, the doll has to be placed inside a small glass bottle. Before the black magic on soul hooking is applied, most sorcerers will first hook for two little souls, a pair of partners place them together in the same glass bottle.


It is said that by doing so, the sorcerer will be able to control the little ghost who tries to run away due to loneliness and free itself from the sorcerer's control. If anyone happens to get a chance to see the little spirit locked in a sealed bottle, he is likely to see the two wooden carvings of dolls in it, one black and one white in colour.

Casting Of  Black Magic Magical Depend On Natal Data

It is reported that the little ghost was sleeping most of the time. Only when its master needs its service, the master will blow air into the bottle and chant mantras to wake the little ghost up and then give instructions to carry out a designated task. The little spirit will follow instruction obediently and carries out the mission diligently unless its master breaks promises repeatedly.


The other type of black magic is cast by the chanting of mantras when applying the black magic; the natal date of the victim must be provided for the casting to be effective. The sorcerer will chant mantras over the natal data of the victim, and the chanting usually takes place after midnight at the shrine. The chanting will go along with the determination to cause a curse on the victim.


If at the time of casting the black magic, the victim is undergoing a period of bad fortune, he can be quickly subdued by the chanting force. In severe cases, it can lead to death, and it is unpreventable. Such black magic includes the Weak Fortune Spell, Accident Spell, Death Spell, and so on.

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Another type of black magic spell casting is with the use of medicine, and the sorcerer will use insects that possess poisonous properties and mix them up with toxic plants. The poisonous insects include the centipede, spider, scorpion, toad, lizard or snake. The deadly creatures will have to be reared for a while before they are killed and dried and ground into powdery form. They can then be applied in the casting of the black magic which includes the Cow Skin Spell, Mountain Road Spell and so on.

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The Traceless Killing By Cast Of Cow Skin Black Magic

The Cow Skin black magic is when the sorcerer uses the whole skin of a cow and cast the spell mantra on to it and have it dried and shrunk. When applying the black magic, it will be used to mix with food or drinks and allow the victim to consume it unnoticeably. After which the sorcerer will apply his black magic and direct the victim to return at a specific date or have something accomplished for him with a particular time, and he will release the spell.

If the victim resists the command, the sorcerer will recite his mantra, and the micro cow skin in the victim's body will expand a little by the day. As the cow skin develops, the stomach of the victim will be bloated up until it bursts open and causes death. Before, many women in the Southeast Asian regions applied this black magic on their husbands who left for overseas. They are afraid that their husband will have another affair abroad and will not return, they used the black magic before their husband left and instructed them to return within a specified date failing which the consequences would be fatal. This is considered black magic of the medium scale.


There is yet another black magic by the application by sound. The sorcerer will recite mantras over the victim's photograph or personal belonging. After which he will again recite mantras at midnight for the victim's spirit to be present at his shrine. Then the magician used the hair of the person who engages him to perform the black magic and tie it up with the victim's photograph so that the victim's attention will only focus on the person and takes his instructions obediently.

The Love Spell Creates Happiness By Compulsion

Once the person meets up with the victim, and after a brief conversation, the victim will develop a very intense feeling for the person. If the victim does not see the person for one day, he will feel very miserable. Once the voice of the person is heard, the victim will feel gullible and listen to whatever the person says. The mistress or woman usually applies these type of black magic through a sorcerer. These type of black magic include the Love Spell, Puzzle Love Spell and the Interlocking Spell.

We will first talk about the Love Spell and the Separation Spell, generally, when a man or a woman who wants another party to fall for him or her, applying the Love Spell is very effective. However, would a love affair last if it is created through unnatural means is a matter of opinion? The following are some of the methods where the Love Spell is applied.

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1. Rub black magic oil on the eyebrows or the face, no matter how unattractive the person's appearance is, he or she will be beautiful in the eyes of the gazer and will lead him, or her to fall in love and fell attached.


2. Use black magic water to wash the face and body will receive the same effect.


3. To let the sorcerer prepare a type of love accessory with black magic cast onto it and let the person wears it. The person will unconsciously fall for the person and gets puzzled in the love affair.


4. When the husband is flirting around, the wife can engage a sorcerer to cast a Love Spell on her husband so that he will be re-attracted to her and love her as before. Alternatively, a Separation Spell which can cause the husband to get tired with his love or others of the opposite gender and never want to be close to her again can be applied.


5. Casting an Interlocking Spell causes the victim to be deeply in love with the person who cast the spell to a stage of inseparable. The method is to cast a spell on both the man and woman by reciting mantras and have their hearts interlocked with each other.

Needles Piercing The Doll Is A Genuine Black Magic


The method of casting this type of black magic is with the use of objects, and most people are familiar with. It can sometimes be seen from movies that a doll or mannequin is used and pierced with needles all over. These are genuine black magic casting spell.


The sorcerer will first go to the cemetery at midnight to collect the ashes of those who died of accidental death and later some straws at the rice field. On a gloomy day and time, he will fit up a doll in the form of a straw-man while chanting mantras.


After that, he will pack the natal data of the victim, his photograph, hair and ashes of the dead into a packet and place it inside the straw-man at the position where the heart is. The straw-man will be placed at his shrine, where he will perform some rituals and chant additional mantras to called the spirit of the victim onto the straw-man. At the right time, needles will be pierced into the straw-man.

The victim will feel certain parts of his body heated up and in severe pain. It all depends on the degree of the grudge between the victim and person who cast the black magic spell. The sorcerer can take the life of the victim or cause him to be permanently disabled. Such black magic includes the Flying Needles Spell, Nails Spell and Death Spell and so on.