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The Correct Way To Wear Buddha Amulet


Many people believe in Buddha amulets. They keep various Buddha charms close to themselves for protection and to ward off all dangers, whether they are visible or not. Besides, it also brings good fortune. However, some people may not know how to wear Buddha amulets correctly, so today, we wish to share the advice from "Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam" with everyone.


Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam once said, “All the Buddha amulets that I have gifted away, I never said that they are invulnerable. Please bear this in mind, especially whoever accepts my amulets. I have never guaranteed that they are invulnerable; it is foolish if anyone would ever believe so. It is the rule of karma. No matter how tough a person is, there are no guns or knives might hurt him, but when bad karma comes, everything can be deadly. Bad karma can make you die of countless things.”


Many of us have a misunderstanding about the purpose of wearing Buddha amulets. High monks make amulets for people who respect Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha, but they do not entirely believe in the Triple Refuge. Therefore, images of Buddha or monks we worship the most are made for us to wear and keep close. If we feel like losing faith, we can look at the Buddha’s image and remind ourselves of His teachings to practice good deeds and act out of goodness according to the Buddhist scripture.


The amulet makers wanted us to do this when a person wearing amulets of Buddha should discipline themselves like the monks or follow the monks’ advice to practice good deeds. But we turn out to betray their teachings and do evil to others. That is the truth.


The Buddha amulet hanging around your neck is made with the power of Buddha by high monks. Buddha's blessings can help to keep danger away from those who have not reached the age of their natural death. But only "Buddha amulets" can. "Talismans," however, cannot do that. What every monk makes for worshippers is never talismans. They make the amulets with Buddhism and not superstition. Buddhism and superstition are completely different matters. Talismans are superstition. They are for commercial purposes. Buddha amulets are for those who believe in and have respect for Buddha. If they are religious about the Triple Refuge, they will be safe from life-threatening dangers if they haven't reached their full lifespans.


Wearing a Buddha amulet is sacred. It is not a kind of magic that will make us invulnerable. We should show respect to monks in the same way that we respect Buddha because they are a representing symbol of Buddhism. Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam reminds us to beware and stay clear of superstition by the “invincible talismans.”

Information provided by Samutpokdum

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