The Impotent Black Magic

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Achara a famous Thai singer when she was young. After she gets married to a property developer called Boon-Nam, Achara gave up her glamorous lifestyle to become a decent housewife. She has two daughters and a son by marriage. Ten years later, after the wedding, Boon-Nam lost interest in the ageing of Achara, to him, it was an unbearable sight to have her around every day. Boon-Nam was flirting around, and one night, he met and attracted by a young and beautiful woman by the name of Nari at a night club.

Nari so attracted Boon-Nam that he frequently went to the night club alone to look up for Nari. Nari played along with Boon-Nam for the sake of his money. When Nari knew that Boon-Nam has a wealthy family background, she was all out to seduce and possess him. Very soon, the two of them were staying together.  Ever since Boon-Nam has kept a woman outside and in order not to raise the suspicion of Achara, he continued having sex with his wife as often. However, he was unable to have a good erection, and no matter how Achara tried to arouse him, it did not help, and he will lose his temper and refused to carry on.

But when Boon-Nam was back to Nari side, the situation was a great reversal. He became heroic and full of vitality. Half a year later, Achara came to know that her husband was keeping a woman outside and she was disappointed and thought that Boon-Nam was unable to handle two women and lost his vitality. 

Achara in order to have her husband back to her side and also for the sake of the children, she went to consult a sorcerer on how to gain back her husband’s favour. The sorcerer told her the shocking news that her husband has been cast with an “Impotent Black Magic” by that woman, which means that none other than Nari. Boon-Nam is unable to have a good erection with other women, including his wife. Therefore, Nari is in full possession of Boon-Nam. Achara sought for help with the sorcerer to bring her husband back to her side and so that Nari cannot possess him and also to seek the relation between them to be broken up and never to see each other again. The sorcerer was sympathetic to the encounter of Achara request and promised to help. Three days after the sorcerer has an encounter with the black magic, Boon-Nam returned to Nanshila and was able to have sex with her and he did not go back to look for Nari ever since.

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Achara was in deep appreciation of the capability of the sorcerer. The sorcerer said that the “Impotent Black Magic” was cast on Boon-Nam. All that needed were his hair, fingernails and clothing of Boon-Nam and have them all kept inside a jar with one photograph of Boon-Nam and Nari together, By doing so, Boon-Nam will only interested in Nari and no other women will be able to arouse him no matter how beautiful they are. The women usually cast such type of black magic on their husbands to avoid their husbands from flirting. Little did they know that the mistress Nari also cast such black spell on another’s husband which led Boon-Nam to be interested only in her.

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A person's fingernails and hair are the necessary items for casting the black magic on the person.