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Differentiate Between Kuman Thong & Ghost Child

Most people often prefer to worship Buddha statues; besides Buddha, Thai people also worship many other holy items. One of the most important sacred things is Kuman Thong. Many people misunderstand Kuman Thong as a ghost child. They think that praying Kuman Thong is like worshipping a ghost child. That is not a correct statement. There is a slight difference between them. To differentiate between them, we must know the story based on the legendary General Khun Paen. Kuman Thong was first created some 500 years ago during General Khun Paen's life period around the reign of King Rama. It is said that General Khun Paen killed his second wife while she was pregnant. To this end, he cut open the body of his dead wife's body, took the fetus out, and performed his magical powers, which is how Kuman Thong was first created. Kuman Thong is an image of a statue with a holy spirit inside it, the same as the statue of Buddha, Deities or Holy Monk, and any other image statue for praying.

These are the legend of Kuman Thong, passed down today. Many years ago, in Saraburi Province, Thailand, a monk was caught stealing a child's corpse and roasting it in a traditional method. Nowadays, monks don't use this type of plan anymore to make Kuman Thong, as they have other better ways. Kuman Thong is the spirit of a dead child. The soul is still wandering about and has no place to settle down. So, the guru monk (Luang Phor) or master (Archan) will chant sacred mantras to request the spirit to reside in the ready-made amulets or statues to help them to settle down without having to be a wandering soul anymore. Kuman Thong has reliable power and can help and protect his owners, to have him guard your family, your house, your farm, and improve your business. Kuman Thong is not harmful; it is a child spirit being re-educated through the Buddha way. 

Kuman Thong, it's the same as any other animistic beliefs and practices. From its earliest beginnings, it was a belief that spirit existed in every natural object, even if it was a lifeless object. This spirit would live as part of an immaterial soul in a future state. The vision, therefore, was thought to be universal. Thus, the people worship and pay homage to many deities and local animistic spirits alongside the Buddha and famous holy monks. The spirits passed between humans and into plants, trees, and lifeless and dead objects of a Buddha statue. Although, there is a difference between these two. For example, to pray Kuman Thong, you must follow the monk's instruction by reciting the following three verses. Firstly "Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa" to pay respect and homage to the Supreme Enlightened One before you begin chanting the Katha of Kuman Thong. It's the same first verses we used to recite in our prayers.

Kuman Thong 3.png

Their spiritual energies and supernatural power need to be treated with respect and dignity. They can take action to help fellow human being today. Those who own Kuman Thong and have charity in their heart sincerely will be rewarded in return for their good deeds in businesses, jobs, wealth, and relationships and will do everything in their power to protect you from harm. If you treat your Kuman Thong with all your heart, it will usually appear in your dream. Kuman Thong will follow the owner's heart. They will be good and earn enough merits to entangle their past karma by helping their owner get a chance to be reborn again in a more fortunate realm. Kuman Thong has been blessed and accepted a vow from the monks who made them. Their entire objective is to respect and provide a helping hand to their owner (as adopted parents). 

Kuman Thong is a divine being of the Thai people and is created in the form of a child, which it's believed to have the ability to bring luck and wealth to the owner if it is revered, guru monk and master make it. In Thailand, many impoverished families and orphans are in a remote provincial villages. The death rate of children is very high; many were killed in traffic and sicknesses and left unburied, as most parents cannot bury their children. They will send the dead bodies of their children to the temples for the abbot or senior monks to handle it.

The abbot or the senior monks will offer to help by accepting the dead bodies and arranging a suitable date to perform a funeral ritual for the temple that can take Kuman Thong. They will ask for consent from the child's parents to use their dead child's ashes or bones to create Kuman Thong to do a good deed for the human being. If the approval has been granted, they will ritual summon by inviting the child spirits to achieve the state of Buddha-hood. And chanted with sacred mantras and encouraged the child spirits to reside in the amulets or statues to bless people and conduct their karma as the result of the past life of his sins. 

The following picture is the Sacred Guru Monk Luang Phor Yam of Wat Sam Ngam performing prayer rituals at the temple ground. From here, you can see that only a small amount of the statues have been produced for each batch. The monks would adopt the dead children's wandering spirits or souls and give them a replacement body by inviting their spirits to reside in clay or wooden statues. 


Kuman Thong, made by a guru monk, is usually for protection, wealth, and well-being. The materials used nowadays are from various sacred materials such as wood and other materials from demolished temples, mixed holy powder, cemeteries soil, bone, and ashes from dead children, and other religious materials. Then through prayer and spiritual language, invite the child's spirit to reside in the Kuman Thong images. The power of any Kuman Thong will depend entirely on the technique the master uses to create. 

On the other hand, those who use Kuman Thong to do evil will pay back more than they received. Do more good deeds and get more good karma. Most people say that Kuman Thong is evil, but it is neither good nor bad. Kuman Thong had no home initially. When you bring Kuman Thong back to your house and set up a small shrine for him, you are already providing him with a home and adopting him as your child. Kuman Thong is a small child, and they feel grateful to you as their adopted parents; their spirit will follow and take care of you wherever you go. 


Since Kuman Thong is a child, it's also common for you to offer him toys to play with. Kuman Thong needs attention; you can feel their existence if you treat them well. People who keep Kuman Tong often reported having strange things happening, like the sound of children playing and other objects moving around on their own (they like to play and prove their existence, but they do not harm). If you don't like how they behaved, you may speak out, or you can talk to them in your mind; I mean, use your thoughts to communicate with them; they will hear it both ways. Just tell them nicely and lovely, and they will listen and obey. When you think of a thought, it creates energy, and that energy can be received and understood by spirits, angels, and gods, anything with consciousness.


Ghost Child Information


Ghost child is a type of magical art that Black Magic Master makes. There are different methods to possess a ghost child. The process of making a ghost child is quite terrifying. First, they must obtain the dead infant from the mother's womb and keep it in a glass jar with chemical liquid for forty-nine days. After that, they will use spells, rituals, and other related events that make it more powerful and effective. After placing the dead infant inside the closed glass jar for forty-nine days, they will use a proper procedure to dry out the dead infant and recite with supernatural spells. A ghost child is made from either a miscarried fetus or has been aborted. They have to be specially ordered before you can get one. A person who suddenly becomes wealthy without explanation might be suspected of keeping a ghost child. They will want to do things for you, help in any way they can even provide you with money and love. 

Almost every night at twelve, the owner will smear a few drops of his blood on the ghost child for forty-nine days. These should be done continuously and cannot be missed in between, or one must start over again. After forty-nine days, the owner can start asking the ghost child to help fulfill his wish. They use the child spirits for theft, sabotage, and other minor crimes, and with special rituals, the ghost child can be made powerful and perform murder. 

Ghost children have abilities; they can give you almost everything you want. The owner has to provide blood for the ghost child at midnight for the first and fifteenth days of every lunar month. Also, they must burn nine joss sticks to worship the ghost child. Those who want to bring up a ghost child are mostly too lazy to work or not doing well in their life and intend to bring up a ghost child to steal things from other people or to make mischief. But they have to pay back more than they received (there is a belief that one has to sacrifice something to bring up and keep a ghost child). 

One must be very careful when bringing up a ghost child, or the consequences are severe. If the one has their children, they must place the ghost child in their priority as that ghost child may be too jealous of them. If one treats those well enough, one will enjoy a satisfying life. The ghost child may help them to avoid any harmful incidents. If you're preparing to own one, please note that evil intent and deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

This article is to be used as an informative and entertaining guide to action for each individual. We cannot and do not guarantee responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. Happy reading!

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