The Object for Prevention and Dispelling of Black Magic

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A high guru monk will inscribe some mantras and scripture text onto a small piece of copper plate, silver plate, pewter plate or a gold plate will become a talisman that can provide peace and safety and is capable in the prevention of any ferocious attack. If someone tries to cast black magic on the person wearing a Takrut, the Takrut will exercise its power to dispel it and will protect its owner from danger.

Bia Kae

It is a type of Cypraeidae (cowries shell), and the high guru monk will clean and dry it up and fill it with mercury and recited with mantras. After which a kind of tree latex known as "Kang" is used to seal up it's opening. When the latex is dried, the mercury inside will be sealed.

After that, a net which is knitted with scripture threads will be used to hold the conch shell, and the making of the Bia Kae is completed. In Thailand, the Bia Kae is one of the most effective talismans used for dispelling evil forces. It can be worn while sleeping. When a person is in his sleep, his vital energy is at its lowest, and the Bia Kae will play its role in dispelling any evil forces that may try to interfere.

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Tarkut Luk Pern (Bullet Takrut)

Some high guru monks in Thailand use bullet casing for the making of talisman except that there is no ammunition inside. The high guru monks will inscribe scripture text on a copper, rolled it up and insert into the bullet casing. After mantras have been recited over it, it carries the effect to ward off the actual bullets. It is said that the bullets carry a special force of power, and if someone tries to open fire at a person who wears the Bullet Takrut, the shot fired will miss their target.

According to the principle of the Bullet Takrut, it is considered as the Mother of bullets and the bullets that fired at, it is the children, and the children will not harm their Mother. For this reason, the person who wears the Bullet Takrut will not be affected by the bullet shots. This is a very uncommon preventive measure in Thailand, and the people there did not treat this as unusual, with so many firearms take place there. Irrespective of whether the Bullet Takrut has such magical powers, the person after wearing it will possess an authoritative disposition. This is because it maintains the force of energy and any evil forces will not get near it.

Phayant Cloth

The most common talisman carried by the people in Thailand. Almost every person will carry an incantation with them in the form of a piece of cloth or paper except that the size may be varied. The incantation given out by high guru monks and temples has their special effect through the process of sanctification. Carrying the incantation will help to ward away the evil forces, black magic, scheming characters, and so no.

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Krueng Larng Kong Krang

Such objects can be in the form of a lion, tiger, crocodile, eagle, goat, monkey or boar, and so on. These objects will each have their unique applications. After the high guru monks have chanted mantras in the course of their making, the objects are ensured of their protecting capabilities. They all have the power to dispel the evil forces and demons, and the monsters will not get close.