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Tiger Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Tiger have the characteristics of wood which is hard and easy to catch fire. They are too easily swayed by people's opinions and always influenced by others. People born in the Year of the Tiger are usually daring, decent, righteous, and outspoken. They speak loudly and sometimes their mind and mouth are too straightforward. The argumentative characteristic makes them suitable to become legal professionals. They are also suitable to be government officers to deal with national events because they are cautious, act quickly and want respect. People born in the Year of the Tiger fail to do a good deed that seems like throwing small fire into the water. They are also not suitable for business. Their outspoken characteristic always provokes some troubles. Be careful when making friends with the opposite sex, and pay more attention than you may make enemies as you talked too big or too conceited with them.

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Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Tiger

People born under the sign of Tiger on Sunday:

Almost all money and income you make depends on your own efforts and strength. Is recommended to wear an amulet of Phra Leela or Phra Sivali. The amulet is better not in a sitting position.


People born under the sign of Tiger on Monday:

A person often encounters changing work environment or transfer of work. Is recommended to wear an amulet with the image of a Meditation posture Buddha or Holy Monk. It may smooth out your life, making it easier and better.


People born under the sign of Tiger on Tuesday:

Is like an anti-war activist and always easy to dispute and go into the wrong or evil ways, is recommended to wear with warmth and kindness (Maha Metta) amulet. Such as Phra Pidta, Phra Sangkajai - Laughing Buddha, or Phra Sivali. If the one who can get a suitable amulet, it will bring wealth and brings good fortune.


People born under the sign of Tiger on Wednesday:

If one is a shy and quiet person and is not generous in doing good deeds, and have good public relations. And nobody they can rely on, and easy to be relied on by others, and often get nothing in return. Is suitable to wear Phra Pidta amulet which his hands covering up all his body organs or the image of any Standing Buddha (Not to be Walking).


People born under the sign of Tiger on Thursday:

If one who is growing up in a bad environment, and all things changed when they grew up. Is recommended to wear an amulet that is made by powder ceramic, or made by metal that process under a very high temperature until its harden. You will be blessed and receive a better outcome.  


People born under the sign of Tiger on Friday:

Depend on others will never make your success; your success depends on your efforts and strength. Is recommended to wear the amulet that is associated with Tiger, it will assist you in your endeavour to fulfill your wish.


People born under the sign of Tiger on Saturday:

If one born under a lucky star, with a small investment and resulted in big success. But trust people too easily, and become a victim. Because of this, your recommended amulet should be to some kinds of ferocious energy amulet. Then you will be blessed.