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SNAKE Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Snake are usually passionate, energetic, and emulative. They are good at speech, and their words are persuasive. Their minds are exquisite, and they are positive to work, so they are suitable for some works related to art and beauty. However, it is very easy for them to encounter their enemies at work. A person born in the Year of the Snake is eager to see the result during the procedure. One negative side that needs correction is that they are sometimes too impatient. Sometimes they work too hard to consider the danger they will meet. People born in the Year of the Snake do not like awkward silence and repeat doing the same thing. They often sacrifice for some people that do not understand retribution and gratitude and even may betray them.

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Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Snake

People born under the sign of Snake on Sunday:

Often encounter difficulty and trouble getting along with other people. It is better to find a suitable job related to commercial documentation work to prevent this from happening. The document provides easy ways of archiving evidence and proof to avoid trouble. Many times, it always lacked a little luck. But still, end up saving money, recommended amulet to wear is the Luang Phor Tuad amulet or Phra Nang Phaya - Queen of Thai Amulets.


People born under the sign of Snake on Monday:

One always has the help others offer and does not lack anything wherever he goes. He will get along very well in his job if he cooperates with a senior co-worker. If cooperate with the young generation will make him bored. The amulet recommended to wear has to be imprinted with two Buddha or two Holy Monks images on an aside. It will bring noble persons with a helping hand.

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People born under the sign of Snake on Tuesday:

If one lifestyle suits to going everywhere and having a good background and achievements, having a much easier time as well. The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Leela. Phra Leela will bless and assists you.


People born under the sign of Snake on Wednesday:

One who spends money more than he can earns. It rarely works, no matter what he is going through and how hard he tries. Dream of your suitable amulets, such as Phra Sangkajai or Phra Sivali. It would be great if the charm were imprinted with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs or the Wheel of Dharma at the back of the amulet.


People born under the sign of Snake on Thursday:

You're a fortunate person, and many successful entrepreneurs make it easy for you to rely upon. They are seen as born simultaneously and share the same fate. You live a prosperous life; your suitable amulet is an amulet of either one of the five amulets belonging to the group in BenjaPakee. Is the preferable amulet that will help you?


People born under the sign of Snake on Friday:

If one is learning spirituals or becoming a monk, he will become wise. The one who has sharper brains is a gift from heaven. It is recommended to wear an amulet of the great Holy Monk, which is attached with holy cloth either on the front or at the back of it.


People born under the sign of Snake on Saturday:

You were excellent in all your undertakings. When met with the opposite sex, you don't get along in general. Marriage life chances are slim, and the recommended amulet to wear has to be imprinted with two Buddha or two Holy Monks images on the aside. To prevent relationships and fate from becoming shallow.

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