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The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Rooster usually admire others. Their appearance looks very strong, but they have weak hearts. A person born in the Year of the Rooster is straightforward, practical, and shrewd in money matters. He would like to find the jobs he wants. He goes ahead to do things and will never give up half-way. He often does something based on his principles, and make others feel that he show unforgiveness and mistrust in others. They have to works on their effort and ability, or the kind of jobs that need to use the brain. His performance would be just average if he is a governmental service.

ROOSTER Zodiac Sign


Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Rooster

People born under the sign of Rooster on Sunday:

A person who always willing to help others, but when he need help from others, nobody comes to him. It's easy for you to communicate with the peoples and to get along well, but you'll end up being disappointed in yourself. Is recommended to wear an amulet of Phra Somdej with Phra Pidta on either side, or a full Buddha image amulet with Phra Pidta imprinted with his face fully cover-up on either side.


People born under the sign of Rooster on Monday:

ls one of a miserly person, therefore people who born on Monday should learn how to manage their finances properly. The suitable amulet to wear is Phra Sangkajai - Laughing Buddha, or Phra Sivali.


People born under the sign of Rooster on Tuesday:

A fun-loving person with love angels appears in his life and creates many opponents. Therefore, you should be careful with whom you make friends. Is suitable to wear Phra Pidta amulet which his face is fully cover-up or Turtle amulet.


People born under the sign of Rooster on Wednesday:

A person who is very suitable to join and work in the civil service, and you are not ideal for setting up your own business. But it is suitable for you to joint-partner with friends for setting up business development, and your recommended amulet is of an attractive and gorgeous type. For example, like the Emerald Buddha - Phra Kaew Buddha amulet.


People born under the sign of Rooster on Thursday:

If one is loved by everyone, who is charming and talk so tenderly. A person born on this day is because of the kindness karma that they create in their previous life. So their merits pay in the result of their karma. So it’s suitable to wear Buddha or Holy Monk amulets with Meditation post


People born under the sign of Rooster on Friday:

A person only focused on saving money and can't draw money out of their pockets. When they faced financial crises, there will be a sum of cash on hand for the state of emergency. Therefore people who born on Friday is not suitable for gambling, a suitable amulet to wear is Phra Pidta and Phra Lersi or as Phra Ruesi. It will help the wearer to increase wealth gradually.


People born under the sign of Rooster on Saturday:

There will be Nobel persons to assist you, and you will be a favourite by your superior or boss. So life makes everything run so smoothly. People who born on Saturday is suitable in the employment of civil servants, jewellery business or trading in the clothing industry. Is suitable to wear any types of amulet, the kinds of amulet which are a beautiful type, or hand-carved one of a kind will be preferred.

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