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The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Pig generally have a calm mind. They pay cautious attention no matter how difficult problems they have so that they can solve the issues correctly. About their relationship with other people, they are warm-hearted so that they can make many friends, and when they have troubles, many friends will help them. On the other hand, they would like to do things by themselves and are responsible for their work until it is completed.

PIG Zodiac Sign


Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Pig

People born under the sign of Pig on Sunday:

Some of the time has incautious thinking, and if he decides, he will devote himself and doesn’t care about anything; he is stubborn but has a soft heart. Occasionally easily distracted by other thoughts. So it is easy to be affected by bad financial controls, and wealth is relatively weak. It is better to deal in real estate or invest in gold to avoid squandering. Your recommended amulet to wear is Phra Nak Prok Buddha, and do not wear it to sell or engage in gambling because Phra Nak Prok Buddha is to help and improve your finances.


People born under the sign of Pig on Monday:

There are always people to offer help and have a better life than others. But within relatives, there will be unsolvable problems on your side. So you have to choose and consider what needs the most help! Your recommended amulet is the Phra Pidta amulet, a half-face-covered type. It would be able to assist you and avoid unnecessary trouble.


People born under the sign of Pig on Tuesday:

One who works extremely hard and has an unstable income, even though they are highly educated. They often meet with failure, and they still need to learn more. You need to pay more attention to the amulet of a standing Buddha, with an image of the right hand resting across his chest imprinted, or it is an amulet of a Holy Monk or a Scroll Takrut.


People born under the sign of Pig on Wednesday:

A person who speaks tenderly and politely when angry will raise his voice, making people around him respect him. It seems like having the same fate as many renowned masters and government official who was also born in the Year of the Pig on Wednesday; a suitable amulet to wear is made out of mixtures of holy powder that does not go through high temperature in the process. Such as Phra Pidta or Phra Somdej amulet.

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People born under the sign of Pig on Thursday:

A person with a supervisor or leadership in his life, warmth, and friendliness, if you are a boss, you will be comfortable being approached and a respected boss. Many peoples who were born on this day were financial controllers or famous actors. It is suitable to wear amulets with Meditation posture or Phra Somkor Buddha, Phra Nang Phaya - Queen of Thai Amulets, Takrut, and Bia Gae. It will increase the strength and courage to help you.


People born under the sign of Pig on Friday:

A person often remains silent and quiet. To help others in need, you find yourself faced with difficulties in helping others. It's better to get ready and take good care of yourself. You are not suitable to work in the insurance industry. Your recommended amulet to wear is Phra Pidta which has sutra/ mantras. It will help you change.


People born under the sign of Pig on Saturday:

The one who is often framed by mean persons, enemies, and mean persons often make your life unstable; it is better for you to remain silent. So it’s better not to be a busybody and get nothing instead of hurting yourself in return. Suitable amulet to wear is Phra Rahu, Bia Gae, Phra Buddha Chinnaraj, Medicine Buddha, or Phra Somdej amulet to help and assist you further.

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