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Ox Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Ox seem like they are involved with anything on the soil. However, water can destroy soil so that they should keep away from water as far as possible. So they should avoid doing business or working anything associated with water. If one is finding ways to avoid if there is an evil spirit, they can rush an evil spirit with water as well by planting some bonsai. People born in the Year of the Ox usually fail because they are selfish, and they would like to destroy something they hate so that they always make enemies at work. A person born in the Year of the Ox is reincarnated from a family leader (who has the attitude to take care of others as a leader). So he is always relied on by others and makes endless demands of other people. Because they think they were a deity with divine powers so that they are smart. Most of the people born in the Year of the Ox get rich because they dare to abandon and fight. No matter what happens, thinking about soil will make their heart steady. Before making any decision, it is better to think about the soil in the first place. Besides wearing your Buddha amulet, you can also refer to the following recommendations.

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Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Ox

People born under the sign of Ox on Sunday:

The one often encounters particular difficulties and face obstacles; wealth is not smooth and steady and needed help with money. Is recommended to wear Phra Pidta amulet with a single side image or Phra Leela.


People born under the sign of Ox on Monday:

Is a person with excellent leadership skills and strategic, depending on the help of others to make money is better than themselves Is recommended to wear an amulet of your favourite with One-Sided image on the other side with Holy Yantra, Sutra/Mantra Symbol, Temple Symbol, etc. originally made out of mixtures holy powder.


People born under the sign of Ox on Tuesday:

If the one who has no chance or fate to devote to charity, you should not depend on anyone but rather than yourself to be successes. Is suitable to wear Phra Pidta amulet which his face is fully cover-up or an amulet of Turtle image, because when turtle encounter dangers they know to protect themselves by withdrawal into its hard shell. So it’s also recommended to wear an amulet of the Turtle image.


People born under the sign of Ox on Wednesday:

Like a person without anyone they can rely on, and easy to be relied on by others, and often get nothing back in return. Is recommended to wear a Buddha amulet with a full image on it. There are varieties of Buddhist amulet statue with its types.

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People born under the sign of Ox on Thursday:

If a person who did not require to strives for himself and gain wealth and lucky in their life. They may have a weak point when it overcomes to finances. Is recommended to wear with the image of a famous Holy Monk. With this great Holy Monk’s amulet, it will remind the owners from spending.


People born under the sign of Ox on Friday:

If a person is unlucky and devoid of Wealth, and unable to strike lottery, it seems like it is fated to believe for each life, and was having a hard time and causes difficulty from the source of trouble. The recommended amulet to wear should associate with Wealth. Such as Nang Kwak, Phra Sangkajai - Laughing Buddha, God of Wealth, etc., with categories of the same.


People born under the sign of Ox on Saturday:

One can be deceived and framed easily, and can easily involve in related legal case issue. Your health and well-being are more important to prevent against bullies. Go vegetarian and decreased meat consumption or stop eating meat. Good deeds bring good merit. Is recommended to wear amulet which is Round Shaped inserts with crystals and gemstones around. Amulet with these increases fortune; it turns luck in the course of one's life.