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MONKEY Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Monkey pay more attention to sex but are not too picky. They are narrow-minded and good at speech. They are good at communicating with others diplomatically according to the present atmosphere and attracting the heart. A person born in the Year of the Monkey can instruct others very well, but he cannot do the thing as he is required. He usually is warm-heart and has confidence in himself. First impressions are very important for him, and he can make clear love and hate. If he hates somebody, it is not easy for him to restore a favorable impression of that person. People born in the Year of the Monkey are courageous and active, so many killers and martyrs are all born in the year of the monkey. They are suggestible and emotional, so they can find excuses for themselves, which is the negative side of their personalities. The jobs suitable for them are legal professionals, public representatives, soldiers, and dealers.


Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Monkey

People born under the sign of Monkey on Sunday:

He is a person who is born with merits, fated to have money, and served by the servant in his life. Suitable for the job of a professional occupation in public relations activities. He will become a teacher at the highest level if he is a monk. Recommended to wear an amulet of  Buddha, a Holy Monk image holding a holy fan, or a Loop Om amulet created and blessed by guru monks. It is excellent for you to increase your fortune.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Monday:

It looks like a person had been placed inside a basket, like a baby was abandoned in the river. Your working life is very tough and challenging and easy to be transferred. You will be pretty good if your job engages with water or dealing with water types of equipment. Your suitable amulet to wear is Buddha with both arms raised imprinted; if you cannot find one with both arms raised, you may try it with the Buddha image for Monday - Phra Ham Yath. Prevent living things from harm. It will also be of help.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Tuesday:

The one who is easily harmed by mean persons and makes enemies easily. So many things make life hard for you, and difficult to achieve goals and no way some people can get something so quickly. So from any direction of your life, your life is rather hard. It is recommended to wear an amulet with both Buddha images on each side or with divine protection image imprinted. This will take you up and bring supporters for you. Not suitable to wear an amulet with a single-sided branded.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Wednesday:

One is talented and has a good brain with the ability to analyze things. It seems like having the same fate as many well-known fortune tellers and famous advisers; almost all were born in the Year of the Monkey on Wednesday. Amulet suitable to wear is Phra Sivali, Phra Sangkajai - Laughing Buddha, and Medicine Buddha. It helps to increase good fortune.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Thursday:

Your life's destiny is dedicated to providing as a civil servant, and you are also suitable to do your own business. Recommended amulet to wear is Phra Nang Phaya - Queen of Thai Amulets, Phra Leela, or Phra Khun Paen.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Friday:

A great, ambitious person with a quick-thinking mind, someone everyone likes in their presence. Suitable to work within the field of public relations officer, diplomats, or deals with import and export business. It is suitable to wear any amulet, but the back of the charm must be imprinted with a Nang Kwak image; Phra Sangkajai - Laughing Buddha and Phra Pidta amulet will be the best.


People born under the sign of Monkey on Saturday:

One has to be very careful to avoid legal issues. Avoid dealing with any illegal business transactions or avoiding paying taxes. Don't use false or misleading information against the laws; you will be suitable to join the government or police unit organized activities. So your recommended amulet to wear should imprint with Royal Seal at the back of the charm. The Royal Seal is your best assistance.

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