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The Chinese Zodiac and Astrological Sign

People born in the Year of the Dog have a keen power of observation and pay more attention to human moral feelings. They are calm when they meet emergencies. They are generous and do not care about material enjoyment, whether they are rich or poor. Dog keep a long-lasting relationship with their friends. The negative side is that they are not good at communication, and easy to give the thing up by the wayside. They are kind-hearted and never do bad things. However, they are very critical and would like to split things into pieces to analyze but not from global views.

DOG Zodiac Sign


Amulets for Chinese Zodiac - Year of Dog

People born under the sign of Dog on Sunday:

A person who destined to lead a hard life, and quickly encounter with mean persons. Is suitable to wear an amulet with a Buddha in the centre and both side with Dharma protectors/ Guardians. This amulet can bring luck and change your life. 


People born under the sign of Dog on Monday:

Is a brilliant person, like relaxing and don’t depend on labourers. You can deal with short-term trading. If you are in business investing, you are suitable with an amulet image with fluorescence effects, or with your favourable sacred amulet.


People born under the sign of Dog on Tuesday:

Is an ordinary person, and is not so talented. But he resigned himself to his fate and studied hard seriously. The suitable amulet to wear is Phra Leela Buddha. It’s perfect for blessing and assists you.

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People born under the sign of Dog on Wednesday:

A person good in making friends is very suitable to perform the leadership role. It seems like having the same fate as some business person born in the Year of the dog on Wednesday. Is suitable to wear multiple pieces of amulet at a time.


People born under the sign of Dog on Thursday:

A person with love or lust can associate with a wealthy friend of the opposite sex. However, they will be happy to support him or her. Is recommended to wear an amulet which is very sacred and powerful with any type’s of material.


People born under the sign of Dog on Friday:

Is a person with good fortune; whatever you do is most likely to succeed? But does not feel cherished. After all, they failed to keep money. Is suitable to wear an amulet of Phra Pidta which has sutra/ mantras on it. You can assist you in changing your bad habits.


People born under the sign of Dog on Saturday:

A person who destined to lead a hard life. Is it possible to get married to a divorcing person than they may have a long-lasting marriage. They also like gambling and drinking. Is suitable to wear an amulet that observes the five precepts.