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Product Info: 100% Genuine

Place: Most ancient forest cemetery, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai Province.

Amulet Name: Nammanphrai Saneh Athan, by Kruba Subin, Archan Nan Khong, and Archan Nan Bun.

Origin: Thailand

Year Consecrated: B.E. 2567 (Western Year 2024)

Material: Magical charm oil with 3 scrolled Takruts, In-khu dok rak, and Salika bird.

Purpose: Love, charm, negotiation, and infatuation.

Other Info: It comes in a glass bottle (Wide 2.8 x Height 6.5 cm).

Mystical Charm Oil @ Kruba Subin, Archan Nankhong, and Archan Nanbun

SKU: CM_63183A
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