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Product Info: 100% Genuine

Temple: Wat Petchaburi, Surin Province

Amulet Name: Kuman Thong Roon Puam Chub - LP Hong

Origin: Thailand

Year Consecrated: B.E.2553 (Western Year 2010)

Material: Mixed Holy Mass Powder with Gold Foils Fully Masked, and Base attached with Silver Takrut, chanted sacred spells of four elements fire, water, earth, and air, considered to be the element of the Spiritual Awakening.

Purpose: Household protection. Kuman Thong is known to bestow great luck and protection and assists the owner as a guardian spirit, ward off evil influences, and guard against harm, and good fortune. 

Other Info: It comes with a waterproof acrylic casing.

Kuman Thong Roon Puam Chub @ LP Hong

SKU: KM_61112A
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