Product Info: 100% Genuine

Temple: Samnak Song previously at Wat Nong Seng, Lamphun province

Amulet Name: Por Phu Er Ger Fong - Archan Chor

Origin: Thailand

Year Consecrated: B.E.2558 (Western Year 2015)

Material: Strongly blessed by Ajahn Chor in year BE2558. Featured in stunning Locket Er Ger Fong image & with sacred yants at the front. This sacred Locket Er Ger Fong is made from sacred enamel materials and added holy powder materials at the back. Additional with sacred, holy treasures with embedded bead, cast coin, 2 silver takruts, 2 golden takruts, dice and LoopOm

Purpose: Attracting wealth and good fortune, to increase wealth opportunities, shield you from negative effects and turn things around for the better, help to move your fate or luck faster if the one's who has

Other Info: Comes with waterproof acrylic casing

Er Ger Fong @ Archan Chor

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