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Product Info: 100% Genuine

Place: Most ancient forest cemetery, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai Province.

Statue Name: Phra Pidta Kraduk Pee, by Kruba Subin, Archan Nankhong, and Archan Nanbun.

Origin: Thailand

Year Consecrated: B.E. 2567 (Western Year 2024)

Material: Made of Mineral Powder, Embedded with 3 "Nan" Takrut with Mahabhuti Mystical Powder, including ashes from ghosts who died on a Saturday and were cremated on a Tuesday, children's bone powder, threads used to tie the coffin, soil from seven cemeteries, seven termite mounds, seven ponds, seven canals, seven swamps, seven piers, and seven meadows. Additionally, 108 types of medicinal herbs, powders for immense charm and compassion, soil from seven charnel houses, oil from five wealthy men, Prai Mae Thongkham oil, oil from an elephant in musth, oil from a pair of Phaya In, powders for charm and luck from the Shan ethnic group, Ya Maeng Kham powder, Nang Khao Hong powder, powder from 32 Prai spirits, Surusdee medicine powder, Senha Ya Fai charm powder, and old beeswax from all three Archan Nans were incorporated.

Purpose: Good fortune, protection from harm and danger.

Other Info: Statue Measurement - Approx. 75W. x 56D. x 91H. mm

Phra Pidta Kraduk Pee by 3 Archan Nan "Nan Ghost Bones."

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