Practical Instruction on Offering Made to Kuman Thong

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A legend is usually based on a real event in the past. However, the story may have changed over time to take on some special 'mythical' features. As in many legends, it is hard to know what is true and what is not true. There is no writing left from that time that tells what happened. All stories have been passed down, retold, translated, adapted and, more recently written down because everyone loves a good story! 

This issue is to be used as a guide to action for the ordinary individuals for taking care and offering of their Golden Child (Kuman Thong), but this belief goes beyond experience. 

1. How is the Power of Kuman Thong?

Many gurus and master have always praised the power of Kuman Thong because he always brings his owner prosperity, luck and love to both home and business. Anyone who possesses Kuman Thong and takes good care of him and worships him heartfully will be fortunate to find invaluable treasure. If you wanted to be auspicious and lucky, you must say to him and beg him often. All Kuman Thong is known to be able to call upon good fortune into the worshipper's life.  

2. Will Kuman Thong commit evil acts?

There are mostly two kinds of Kuman Thong; the first is the moral type commonly made by today's guru monks who can bring fortune and good luck to the owner. Kuman Thong is not evil spirits as they have been blessed and accepted a vow given by the monks who made them. Their entire objective is to respect and provide a helping hand to their owner (adopted parents). Do not use Kuman Thong to do the wrong thing. Remember that you'll have to pay back more than you received. Do more good deeds, get more good karma.

However, individual practitioners of the magical arts are known to have created variations specifically for evil purposes. One is wild, ferocious and can destroy the enemy, and the other can add charm and bring fortune. The first kind of Kuman Thong is a wild type. As far as we know, there are four types. As a group, they are often referred to as Pret Puti Ngan or Kuman Thong Pretprab. These types of Kuman Thong are usually made by inviting the spirits of those individuals who have died in strange circumstances to inhabit the statue. Each of the four different types has its evil way in which it is used.

Kuman Thong Pretkong and Kuman Thong Pretmun are used to protect property, often by violent means which has been known to result in severe injury or even death. The only known protection against Kuman Thong Pretmun is thought to be "Wua Thanoo", the wood used to carry corpses. Fortunately, this type of Kuman Thong is only useful within its sphere. Kuman Thong Pretmun, however, can exercise its power outside of that sphere and is immune to most talismans.

Kuman Thong Pretdub is known to be particularly lethal and is thought to be a cold-blooded killer. Unbelievably, people today still dabble in the magical arts, something we sincerely recommend you to avoid. Mainly use for those Kuman Thong are dead of unnatural deaths. Because of that, some become wandering souls and unlikely to be reborn again unless they are charted by high noble monks to rest their soul. These are many evil type's, but also many effecting types. They will follow the owner heart if the owner is "evil" the Kuman Thong will become like oneself if the owner's heart is "kind" the Kuman Thong will be edible and earn enough merits to entangle their past karma by helping their owner to get a chance to be reborn again. 


3. What is the sex of Kuman Thong? 

Kuman Thong is a child spirit and as such is all children. All Kuman Thong is male. However, some Kuman Thong is female and is known in Thai as "Golden Kumaree", "Kumaree" or "Kumaree Thong".


4. How should I Invite Kuman Thong into the house?

It is important that when you first invite Kuman Thong into your house; you should place him on a shelf lower than the Buddha statue in a suitable location and spend some time introducing him to his new environment in a loving voice. It is better not to place Kuman Thong with other idols of worship, if you are wearing a Kuman Thong amulet, do not wear it over a Buddha image, and do not let Kuman Thong idol faces to the west, or put him at the end of your bed, or under the stairs. (If you already own a Kuman Thong then you should tell your existing Kuman Thong that you intend to bring some of his brothers to live with him).


Some people placed his idol on a shelf and decorated it with a miniature little bed and pillow. It is necessary to worship Kuman Thong with candles, incense and ornament jewellery, toys, fruits, sweet drink, milk, candy, etc, which is his favourite and placed some flowers nearby his idol. It is said that Kuman Thong favours rose and jasmine flowers in particular. Kuman Thong like his owner to talk to him, and you should speak to him sweetly as if he is your child. Then you have to tell your Kuman Thong often, keep telling him what you want, and he can help you with what you want.

Remember to do more good deeds and get more good karma.

The official katha for Kuman Thong of Wat Sam Ngam ............