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Amulet For Your Day of Birth

Did you know that the day on which you were born says a lot about the type of person you are? It is not the date of birth, but the day of the week you were born. Surprising but true, there is a unique set of personality traits that can be attributed to you based on the day of the week you were born. It is hard to believe. All truth depends on your point of view with deep faith in them.

Phra Khun Paen Buddha Amulet
Phra Rod Buddha Amulet
Pang Tawai Net Buddha Amulet

Sunday Buddha - The Day of Restraint

People born on this day tend to be suspicious of others, and thus they have few friends; they are conservative and tend to be quiet most of the time. They are great thinkers, but sometimes they get carried away by their thoughts. They are protective of their pride and do not take comments from others lightly.

Sunday born people are helpful people, and although they may have a quick temper, they tend to come to their senses very quickly. They are, however, kind towards the needy and are very independent. The only setbacks for these people are that they sometimes like to procrastinate over important matters, thus creating problems that can be avoided initially.

Their colour is red and their bad months are April, May, June, August, and October. These people tend to have problems at work and in business, so they have to change their attitude and conform to others. They have a stubborn nature. They will be right at teaching, trading, travel biz, Military forces, instructors, or involve in mechanical works.

They like quiet places like the beach, forest, and places which is not rowdy. They are, however, dependable when a task is given to them.

The recommended amulet to wear is Pang Tawai Net (Sunday Buddha). A few other types of suitable amulet for wearing are Phra Rod Lamphun and Phra Khun Paen for good luck and protection.

Phra Yod Khun Pon Buddha Amulet
Phra Ham Yath Buddha Amulet

Monday Buddha - The Day of Making Peace

Monday people, in general, are usually business-minded people, especially for Men, they are generally calm in their speech and are soft-spoken. For women born before 5 pm on Monday, they are usually very feminine and often have a fair and smooth complexion. Some of the sweetest girls I know are generally born on Monday. They are caring, loving, committed and beautiful. However, those born after 5 pm tend to be tomboyish and maybe a little arrogant.

Monday women, although having qualities of feminine nature tend to have other problems as well, they are weak, some are anaemic or have insomnia or soft heart, and they often feel dizzy. Therefore they should look after themselves and take vitamins and do exercise to maintain good health.

Women born on this day are very conservative and are always quiet (except for those born after 5 pm) They tend to keep their problems to themselves. They may encounter several heartaches in their life so they should be careful when it comes to relationship problems. Girls should keep long hair instead of short hair.

During months of April, May, June, August, and October are not suitable for them; they should be careful of their finances during these few months. They should not lend money to their friends. Because it will be tough collecting it back, not only will they lose their friends, they will also lose money and get themselves hurt.


Men tend to be mostly misers, but they have a weakness indulging in functional food, they will be good teachers, engineers, brokers and in the travelling field or language-related business. They are usually successful at work as they have good discipline.    

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Ham Yath (Monday Buddha). Another suitable amulet to keep is Phra Yod Khun Pean, best if made from lead, tin or mercury for having power or prestige.

Phra Somdej Buddha Amulet
Phra Sai Yat Buddha Amulet

Tuesday Buddha - The Sleeping Day

Those born on Tuesday usually have a good life, wherever they go there will be mentors waiting to help them. The reclining Buddha represents those born on this day. Tuesday born people should not overly worry about what is happening. Next, the more they suffer, the more problems they will face; therefore, they should learn to relax, which they find almost impossible to do it.

They are materialistic people in a way that some of them lavish branded kinds of stuff and have a high-quality taste about their clothes and things they wear or carry. They are particular people with a bad habit of not being able to save money. Whenever they have money, they will spend. However, there are the misers who are rich too but keep a low profile.

Tuesday born people tend to ask a lot from people's opinion, but in the end, they end up with their own decision be it right or wrong therefore it is better to ask less and do more research to get your answers. Tuesday born people have a flare with the opposite sex, so be careful in relationships. They are straight forward people, but their good intentions are always misunderstood, so try to understand these people before judging them, they are generally kind people.

Months which are bad for them are during April, May, June, August & October. They should also go to the temple and choose a spiritual God Parent as they have a rebellious nature when young. These people will be good at Arts, Business, Travelling, Etc. their source of income comes from various sources. They are, however, very sensitive people, so you need to learn to deal with them. 

Overall if they are hardworking and keep away from vices, they will have a smooth and enjoyable life.

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Sai Yat (Tuesday Buddha). They are also suitable to wear amulet made of powder based amulets such as Phra Somdej amulet.

Phra Leela Buddha Amulet
Phra Oom Bhat Buddha Amulet
Phra Rahu Oom Chan Amulet

The recommended amulet to wear is Pang Lae Lai (Wednesday Evening Buddha). The other amulets recommended to wear is Phra Rahu Oom Chan.

Wednesday Buddha - Morning - Receiving Alms - 06:00 - 18:59

People born on regular Wednesday before 6 pm are usually, not organized especially for men. They are not overly concerned about their looks or the way things are placed in the house, as these people are simple-minded. They are easily contented with whatever they have and are efficient workers. They are excellent foremen and supervisors, however. They work well in the construction field and building works, they are good technically as well.

Women are, however, very different. They are sharp, very intelligent and materialistic, and it is not easy to cheat women born on Wednesday, especially if they are born after 6 pm (Rahu). These women are usually in all types of business, and they get things done the way they want and fast. They will not do anything which does not reciprocate into something positive and lucrative. Both men and women must be careful during April, May, June, August, September, and October because, during these months, they will get into some issues and financial problems.

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Oom Bhat (Wednesday Buddha). Another suitable amulet to wear is Phra Pang Leela, which means "Return from paradise for progress and successful life".

Wednesday Buddha - Evening - The Blessed One - 19:00 - 05:59

People born on Wednesday their colour is green, and for those who born at night (Rahu) the colour is purple. Women should wear an amulet of Rahu to help them in all that they do, but they should have a spiritual God Parent as well so that their character may tone down a little as they are known to be hot-tempered, these go the same for men born during (Rahu).

Phra Samathi Buddha Amulet
Phra Pang Perd Lok Buddha Amulet
Phra Leela Buddha Amulet
Phra Lersi Amulet

Thursday Buddha - Day of Meditation

People who are born on Thursday usually have to lead a very independent life and have to work hard for their success. They are generally very stubborn people and cannot stand critics from others and have very few real friends in their life. They are also prone to getting hearty, i.e. most people born on this day to tend to be afraid of the heat. They need to be in cool shade or an air-con environment most of the time. They do not like to wait for things to get done; they rather do it themselves and get over with it. They are also straight forward in their speech and may sometimes offend people.

They will be good at Arts, Handy work, Cooks, Drivers and can't stay put in one place for too long as they are always on the move be it at work or home, they have to be kept busy otherwise they will be bored. 

Their bad months are in March, July, August, and September during these months they need to be careful with their finances and decisions, better still not to get involved in job changes or investments during these months.

The Thursday women are very man-like, meaning their mentality and the way they do things are more manly compared to women born on other days. However Thursday born people usually keep their word, they will treat you good if they are treated the same way; however, if you mistreat them even once, they will remember it. Some may think of a way to deal with you.

Therefore if you are below 12 years of age or have a newborn Thursday child, there are two very important things which you need to do. You need to have a God Parent, and you need to call him God Pa and God Ma when you see them. You should also need to have a Spiritual God Parent; Traditionally, the Chinese would bring their children to the temple and do offerings to the Deity/Buddha or Gods which they have chosen for their children. When you have done this, you must go to the temple at least once a year to pay respects and do offerings. There is no expiry date for being a God Child for whichever Deity/Buddhas, that you have chosen, so it's a lifetime kind of thing.

The Buddha for Thursday is called Phra Samadhi. It would be good to wear a Thursday Buddha amulet as well. Thursday born people are intelligent and diligent people, if you have one of these people working under you rest assured that they will fulfil their job scope well. They are usually very serious people, and you need to endure their crankiness and the bit weird character.

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Samathi (Thursday Buddha). Another type of amulet to wear for a person who born on Thursday is Phra Pang Puelok for good luck, which is also known as the amulet of wisdom, or Phra Lersi amulets.

Phra Ram Pueng Buddha Amulet
Phra Pidta Buddha Amulet

Friday Buddha - Day of Contemplation

Friday born people are happy to go, lucky people, however, the women are possessive and very sharp. Friday's women mentality and character are very manlike. If they are in business, they will do very well as they have excellent EQ and many friends around them. The men, in general, are generous in spending money with friends and they are popular with the opposite sex. They are frugal with their family members. They love traveling to other countries and try their hands on new ventures.

They are however sensitive people, and they take relationships very seriously if a particular party hurts them they will lament on it for quite some time before they get over it. They usually wear only a few clothing's although they have many in their wardrobe, they are sentimental with things they own. They seldom fall ill, but if they do, it may be quite serious and take longer than usual to recover.

Bad months are March, July, August, and September. During these months, they should keep a low profile and not get involved in any venture. They should not be a guarantor for anyone. Friday people have a six sense too so they must believe in it otherwise they will get into unnecessary trouble. Their colour is blue, which is their day colour. They somehow have an affinity with the higher beings, so they tend to be spiritually knowledgeable by themselves, even if they are short-tempered, it is usually temporary.  

They are generally interested in the business which generates significant income, but if they were to work for people, they would also attain a relatively good post gradually.

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Ram Pueng (Friday Buddha). Another suitable type of amulet is Phra Pidta for good luck, fortune and protection.

Phra Nak Prok Buddha Amulet
Phra Nak Prok Buddha Amulet
Holiness of Luang Phor Tuad Amulet

Saturday Buddha - Day of Protection

People born on this day are very intelligent. If they are in business, they will do exceptionally well because they are very particular people and want everything to be perfect. Their lifestyle, the clothes they wear, and whatever they own must have a certain level of standard. Even if they made a mistake, it would seem as it was made purposely, insist on making it the shortest way, they tend to be seldom wrong even if they are.

These people are however extremist to a certain extent, if they are good they will be very good but if they are bad it would also be very bad. So they should have a Spiritual God Parent when they are young, they should be taught good habits from young, or they would become rebellious later on. They are challenging people to control as they have no leaders except themselves, whatever they do they do it well in their scope and tend always to lead. They have plenty of admirers and supporters in whatever they do. They tend to do well in most trade, but the worst kind of people are also born on this day, so if they have been spiritually brought up, they should be reasonably good.

Both sexes of this day tend to have plenty of peach blossom luck, they are attracted by the opposite sex easily. These people are, however, extraordinarily stubborn and are difficult for them to trust anyone easily; they are cautious people when it comes to business and friends. So it is better not to offend these people; otherwise, you will have a tough time. If they gain your trust, it will benefit you greatly as they are helpful towards their friends.

Their bad months are March, July, August, and September. Their day colour is black. They are usually good looking and have an air of mystery in them, call them an enigma. They are also weird, so it takes time to understand these people. They are naturally protected by higher beings and have a unique ability to do things others can't. They need to find it out themselves that all.

The recommended amulet to wear is Phra Nak Prok (Saturday Buddha). This amulet is excellent for protection and good luck, any amulet with Buddha "Protected by Nagas" (Serpent) from protecting the Buddha. Another suitable type of amulet is Luang Phor Tuad.