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Product Info: 100% Genuine

Temple: Sorcerer master and necromancer Phra Archan Thep

Amulet Name: God of Sexual Desire @ Phra Archan Thep

Origin: Thailand

Year Consecrated: B.E. 2566 (Western Year 2023)

Material: The front shows a man pursued by a lady with sacred talismans surrounding him, and the back with the figurine of Phra Ngang, Phor Per, the male, and Mae Per, the female, the symbol of Yin and Yang, believed to be the most powerful at influencing lust and sexual desire. It is also inserted with various sacred magical takruts, gems, and a bottle of enchanting charm power. It is believed to influence people's minds, grant wishes, be attractive and alluring, and bring luck in love, attraction, and relationships.

Purpose: The most charming subject, whoever has it, will be the most charming. Men and women gathered around him, never getting bored. Anyone who is not attractive will not have a partner. If you worship this, It will give you a partner who is not inferior to us. Does either one feel bored with their partner and worship it under the pillow in the house? They will come back to love each other well and not ignore each other again. Increase the charm of kindness, find it popular, and everyone will love it.

Other Info: It comes with a waterproof acrylic casing.

God of Sexual Desire @ Phra Archan Thep

庫存單位: CM_63181A
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