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This channel gives a fascinating history of Thai amulets and talismans. It shows you how to construct these charms to fulfill your needs and desires. The historical background shows that using amulets is no idle, superstitious whim but rather a natural following of traditional faith in the power of protective signs and symbols.

Watching these videos will give a complete understanding of Thai amulets and talismans' meaning and place in today's modern society. Do amulets and talismans work? Are they effective? Do they possess magical powers in themselves, or do they draw much power from the maker? The answers are all here, waiting for you.

Through their complete and detailed examination of the subject, these videos put religious and magical faith into true perspective, underscoring the practical nature of charms in everyday life. They are not the exclusive preserve of ritual magicians, mystics, and priests but the common tools of all of us.

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