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Product Info: 100% Genuine

Name: 密宗藏传烟供咒轮纸 @ Tibetan Smoke Offerings Mantra Wheel Joss Paper

Origin: Tibetans

Year Consecrated: 

Material: Burning joss paper

Purpose: In the Tibetan Buddhist culture, this mantra wheel paper is used to burn to release souls from purgatory. The wheel represents the cycle of birth, death and rebirth; a cycle of suffering that Buddhists strive to liberate themselves from. The hub of the wheel signifies liberation, while the spokes represent the various pathways to achieving liberation. A combination of offering the incense powder and liberation mantra wheel papers, this helps to acquire good karma, purify bad karma and develop compassion & wisdom for yourself, spirits, karmic debtors etc.

Tibetan Smoke Offerings Mantra Wheel Joss Paper

SKU: MW_32200A
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